Past Features

February 5, 2007 (Vol. 5, No. 1)

Lehman Professor Tapped to Present Research at NSF Exhibit

Eric Delson
Eric Delson
Anthropology Professor Eric Delson is one of 15 scientists and National Science Foundation (NSF) staff members invited to present their research at the NSF 2008 Budget Open House and Exhibition on Monday, February 5, in Arlington, Virginia.

Professor Delson's presentation, as part of the "Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences" category, will focus on the research he is conducting in collaboration with Professor Katherine St. John (Mathematics & Computer Science) and other faculty in the field. They are using digital technologies to map the evolutionary tree of primates.

His research team (the NYCEP Morphometrics Group) analyzes the shapes of primate skulls and skeletal bones (e.g., those of monkeys and humans) to reconstruct evolutionary trees, visualize the skulls of hypothetical common ancestors of evolutionary sublineages, and distinguish between the bones of similar species and individuals.

For more information on the exhibits that will be shown, visit the NSF site.