Past Features

April 2, 2007 (Vol. 5, No. 5)

Capacity Crowd Fills Lovinger for Speech Conference

Dr. Carol Westby and Group

The Lovinger Theatre was filled to capacity on March 30 with professionals in the field of speech-language pathology who came to listen to Dr. Carol Westby's talk on "Play and Language: The Roots of Literacy." Dr. Westby is most famous for the Westby Play Scale, which correlates language and play development.

The workshop was organized by Professor Sandra Levey (Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences) as a way to present scientific, evidence-based information on speech and language. Some 500 practitioners attended, many of them traveling from Connecticut, New Jersey, and elsewhere in the tri-state area.

Professor Levey credits faculty, students, and the staff of the College's Buildings and Grounds Department, the Lovinger Theatre, and the catering services of Panda House for making the event a success. "It takes a community to make a successful event," she noted.

The workshop is part of an ongoing series of conferences offered by the Division of Continuing Education. For information on upcoming conferences, visit the Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences Department website. Web site.