Past Features

July 11, 2007 (Vol. 5, No. 10)

CUNY Project Launches New Newsletter

CUNY First Logo
CUNY's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project has a new name, CUNY FIRST, and a new newsletter, by the same name, designed to keep readers up-to-date on this multi-year technology project that will transform the way colleges conduct business.

FIRST, which stands for Fully, Integrated, Resources, and Services Tools, will improve the University's financial systems, human resources management systems, and student administration systems by making them more reliable and simple to use.

Here are some examples of how FIRST will impact Lehman students, faculty, and staff:

  • An accounting assistant clicks onto an icon to order items. Electronic authorization for the order is completed in seconds, and the system immediately produces a receipt of delivered goods and traceable inventory.

  • A staff member applies for, and is selected, for a position at the CUNY Graduate Center. When she arrives at her new job, her employment profile arrives, already updated, and she receives her correct salary on time and with all changes noted.

  • A Hunter College student is thinking about taking a class at Lehman. Will he need to create a separate identity and email sign-in to do that? Absolutely not. With this new system, every student will have one identity across the entire CUNY system.

To learn more about the project, download the newsletter.