Past Features

November 5, 2008 (Vol. 8, No. 6)

Students Profit from Summer Internship Experience

Johanny Comas, Carlos Urena, Martiza Campos, Michael Francis and Alexandria N. Salgado.
(l.-r.) Johanny Comas, Carlos Urena, Maritza Campos, Michael Francis, and Alexandria N. Salgado.

Four Lehman students and a recent graduate took part in internships this summer at Banco Popular in Brooklyn—doing so well the bank profiled them in its internal magazine with recognition as "future leaders of our community." The internships allowed them to become immersed in developing marketing skills both inside the bank and in the industry.

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Michael Francis came to the U.S. in 2003 and graduated from Lehman in 2008 with a degree in business administration. Through the internship, he says, he "learned about the world of work—about having discipline, meeting deadlines, and improving my time management skills." Francis has two sets of career plans: starting his own business and running track professionally as well as world-class sprinter Ussain Bolt.

A junior majoring in economics, Alexandria Salgado worked directly with the bank's vice president of marketing and was in charge of a summer campaign. Each week, the person who brought in the most customers would lead the team the following week. Salgado had the chance to lead on four occasions. When a position became available, she immediately applied and is now a full-time sales and service staff member at the bank.

For senior Carlos Urena, the internship program helped him gain valuable experience in marketing. "They threw me right into it," he says. "I worked with people in the bank and out in the field, and I even got to lead my own team." He says he learned how to be more professional while sampling what a career in marketing would be like.

Born in Santo Domingo, Johanny Comas came to the U.S. when she was 19. Becoming interested in the financial systems and economies of different countries, she chose a major in business administration, with a concentration in finance and marketing.

Comas says she loved the fact that the internship gave her an opportunity to work with executives and get a view of "real corporate America," praising her supervisor who "trained, coached, and supported me so well that I was able to see myself operating at a different level and visualize my career path."

Maritza Campos's family is from El Salvador, but she was born and raised in Yonkers. Pursuing a major in business administration with a concentration in marketing and a minor in computer applications made her a strong candidate for the Banco Popular internship. "Everything I learned at school about marketing came alive," she reports. She and her team were responsible for planning how to attract additional potential customers into the relevant promotional branches.

"I've always been interested in anything to do with business and marketing," she added enthusiastically. "I love both the creative side and the management side. I love learning and creating new things and being able to see my ideas come to life."

—This article was researched and written by Lehman student Neem Dewji, who is a transfer student from the University of Bedfordshire, England, U.K., and is an intern this semester in the Lehman Office of Media Relations and Publications.