Past Features

February 23, 2009 (Vol. 9, No. 3)

Bronx Institute: Spreading the Word

Herminio Martinez and a Delegation of Chilean Educators
Dr. Herminio Martinez talking to a delegation of Chilean educators about the Bronx Institute.

A delegation of Chilean educators visited the Bronx Institute at Lehman College in early February to learn about the Institute’s work with young people and public schools in the Bronx. Professor Herminio Martinez (Middle and High School Education), executive director of the Institute, led the group in a two-hour presentation on the organization’s programs and some of its student success stories.

"It is good to know that the word has spread and that we have the opportunity to share our work with educators from around the country and beyond our borders," said Professor Martinez. Among the delegation were school superintendents, school building principals, and university professors.

As Professor Martinez explained, comparability can be a challenge when discussing education in the United States and New York, in particular with educators from other countries. In his presentation, he drew parallels and spoke of common areas of concern, among them, the challenge of educating students whose families face deep economic struggles and have little formal education. He spoke of the need for strong alliances and peer support for students stepping outside their "comfort zone" or beyond their families’ experiences or educational levels.