Past Features

February 23, 2009 (Vol. 9, No. 3)

Lehman Nursing Professor Wins Book of the Year Award

Susan Kleiman
Professor Susan Kleiman
Lehman Professor of Nursing Susan Kleiman has received the 2008 Book of the Year Award from the American Journal of Nursing, the world's oldest and largest-circulation nursing journal, for her book Human Centered Nursing: The Foundation of Quality Care.

Through theoretical, conceptual, and practical examples, the book demonstrates how nurses can maintain an authentic dialogue with their patients and effectively fuse both their skills and current technology to keep their focus on the human being receiving care. It contains classroom exercises, designed to reinforce its concepts, and case studies to help nurses understand how to apply this theory to practice.

"We are proud of both the scope and significance of Dr. Kleiman's book," said Lehman's Acting Dean of Natural and Social Sciences Robin Kunstler. "Her work presents the foundations of nursing practice as rooted in the nurse-patient interaction and emphasizes its value in an increasingly technocentric world."

"Receiving this award renewed my faith in the idea that the traditional values and meaning of nursing are still held by nurses practicing in a highly technological and economically stressed milieu," said Professor Kleiman.

Professor Kleiman has worked in the nursing field for thirty years and joined the Lehman faculty in 2001. She has written widely on the topic of humanistic nursing and has developed the Humanistic Teaching Method, through which her students learn to apply ethically grounded principles in their scholarship.

Professor Kleiman also teaches at the CUNY Graduate Center and founded the International Institute for Human Centered Caring, which publishes courses of study, articles, and other material that explain aspects of this approach to nursing care as well as its implementation. She received her B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees from Adelphi University.