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Daily Updates: Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday, August 31, 2006 Hiroshima, Japan -   The opening ceremony for the global conference “Building a Sustainable Peace” took place at the Hiroshima Art Museum earlier today.  Tadatoshi Akiba, Mayor of Hiroshima, Lehman’s President Ricardo R. Fernández and Sorosh Roshan, President of the International Health Awareness Network, welcomed dozens of attendees and participants coming from around the globe for the three-day conference.

The Honorable Mr. Akiba said he was very happy to have been invited to be part of this conference two years ago, but he didn’t expect the conference to become as big as it did.  “This all-star cast conference alone honors Hiroshima so highly,” he said [View Video Clip].

In addition, Mr. Akiba recognized Lehman’s ties to Hiroshima. “This is Lehman College’s second home,” he said.

Lehman’s President Ricardo R. Fernández expressed his appreciation to the hosts, participants and collaborators, and he said that despite the differences in languages spoken, all attendees shared a common goal to build peace [View Video Clip].

“As one of the monuments in the park urges us, ‘We must reflect on war and the causes of war…. We must learn the lessons of history, that we may learn and avoid the paths that lead to war.’ Led by distinguished Nobel Laureates, and by officials and educators from around the globe, we are meeting with the goal of moving our species and our planet toward a new future. We are here to help build a culture of peace,” said President Fernandez.

Lehman was represented by Vice President of Institutional Advancement Anne Johnson, Assistant Dean Lynne VanVoorhis, Professors Fred Phelps and Asako Tochika, staff members Migdio Dominguez and Maria Castro, and four Lehman students, Alice Michelle Augustine, Frank Critton, Jennifer Herrera, and Monique McPherson.