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CUNY FIRST at Lehman

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What is CUNY FIRST at Lehman?

Top Project Objectives
Replace our Legacy Systems
Integrated Environment for Greater Efficiency
Improve Decision Making
Deliver Improved Services to Students
Establish University-Wide Policies

CUNY FIRST at Lehman is the institutional version of CUNY’s Enterprise Resource Planning systems project named CUNY FIRST (Fully Integrated Resources and Services Tool). This project will integrate all of the institutions’ data and processes into a unified system using multiple components of computer software and hardware to achieve integration.

The University has selected the PeopleSoft/Oracle system as its enterprise resource planning system. This unified and integrated system will replace our outdated and cumbersome legacy systems. Since last year, the University has been meeting with subject-matter experts in order to create prototypes of the new systems that are based on institutional business processes.

CUNY is seeking to replace several systems: General Ledger, Human Resources, and Student Services. The student services system is composed of the systems used by admissions, financial aid, the bursar, and the registrar. Once they are functional, these new systems will allow the College to improve its services to students, faculty, and staff. In addition, the integration of the processes will increase efficiencies throughout the institution.