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Professor Spear: Speaking and Writing on Many Aspects of Francophone Cultures

November 11, 2010

Professor Thomas Spear

Professor Thomas Spear (Languages and Literatures) is speaking this weekend at a conference celebrating the centennial of the birth of Jean Genet, a controversial French novelist, playwright, and poet who became a leading figure in avant-garde theater. Professor Spear will take part in a roundtable discussion on Saturday (11/13) on "Genet and the Panthers." The conference is sponsored by the Center for French Civilization and Culture at NYU.

Professor Spear is also among those interviewed in the November-December issue of Atmosphère magazine, the bilingual magazine for AirTransat airlines. The article, called "Creole Culture," is contained in a special issue devoted to the Dominican Republic.

In addition, a new book was published last week, entitled Haiti Rising: Haitian History, Culture, and the Earthquake of 2010, containing an article by Professor Spear; an interview with him will appear in early 2011 in the Canadian journal La tribune juive, in a special issue on Francophone New Yorkers; and another of his articles will appear in a new series of a journal renamed Francophone Postcolonial Studies and published by Liverpool University Press. More information about that forthcoming article can be found at here.

The database of his web site Île en île continues to expand, and includes new videos, including archival material and a series of interviews he has filmed of contemporary authors from Francophone islands. The six most recent videos can be viewed using this video "widget":

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