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Bronx Institute Launches New Selective Program for Young Latinos

December 7, 2010

The Bronx Institute at Lehman College recently launched Junior ENLACE, a math and science program for seventh- and eighth-grade Latino students from the Bronx. ENLACE, the Engaging Latino Communities for Education program, offers an original curriculum for middle and high school Latino students interested in advanced science, technology, engineering, and mathematical studies.

ENLACE has set its most ambitious performance goals to date for this new cohort. Forty-six students were selected from among 156 students who submitted personal essays, transcripts, math and English Language test scores, and teacher recommendations. Selected applicants took a standardized test to measure their reasoning and problem-solving skills.

The program integrates math concepts into science learning with hands-on lab activities, group projects, and wireless technologies. The new class meets for four hours on Saturdays during the school year and four days a week in July. Students already learned about the concept of proportion after comparing recipes with the same ingredients combined in different quantities. The lesson was directly applicable to their chemistry unit on the densities of liquids and solids.

"This is an exceptional group of young men and women and we are looking forward to engaging them," said Professor Herminio Martinez (Middle and High School Education), executive director of The Bronx Institute. "The success of this cohort, like that of its predecessors, will be a source of inspiration and pride in the community."