QR Codes in the Library Stacks

QR Codes in the Library Stacks

The Library recently introduced QR codes in the Book Stacks. 
They are located on the front side of shelves in a specific subject area, such as Art. Simply scan these codes into your mobile device, then your are guided to a subject-specific Research Guide on our website.

QR scanning

What is a QR Code?

QR stands for Quick Response Code. To read  a QR  code,  you  need a Smartphone such as an  iPhone, Android, or  Blackberry with an installed QR reader. If you  don't have a QR reader installed, you can download one at http://tiny.ccjfreeQRreader.

What can you do with a QR Code?

  • Open a website
  • Make a telephone call
  • Download contact information
  • Download an app
  • Send a text message
  • Check prices

If you'd like to see how they work, watch CNET's How to: Use QR Codes


Last modified: Feb 7, 2012