Reserve Collection

The Reserve Collection is located adjacent to the Circulation Desk on the first floor. Required readings for a particular course are placed on Reserve for limited circulation at the request of the instructor. These items can be borrowed with a valid Lehman student ID card. Computer lists of all Reserve material can be accessed through CUNY+. Selected textbooks for current courses offered at Lehman are also available on reserve.


Loan Information

Borrowers - Lehman students with validation for current semester.

Borrowing materials - Students must present LC call number to Reserve Desk. Students can find call numbers via CUNY + catalog, or may ask for assistance at the Reference Desk.

Fines - Overdue items are charged $5.00–$15.00 per hour, depending on material type. Fines will be accrued for any damaged or lost items at current value.

Lost books are replaced at their current value. Lost Study Room keys are $75.

Renewals - Reserve items may be renewed if no other student is waiting for the material. iPads cannot be renewed.

Returning items – After two hours, items must be returned to the Reserve Desk assistant. It is the patron’s responsibility to return items on time.

Reserve materials are available for use only in the Library. Textbook use is limited to a two (2) hour period. SONY eReaders may be borrowed.


Group Study Rooms

A number of Group Study Rooms are located on the third floor for use by Lehman students only. The rooms are kept locked. Keys can be obtained at the Reserve Desk. Students wishing to use the Rooms must have a current valid, barcoded Lehman ID. There is a three (3) hour limit on use of the Rooms at any one time. Fines will be charged for overstaying the time limit and for lost keys. Due to the size of the Rooms, only four students maximum are allowed at any time. Keys may not be renewed during Exam periods.

Four of the Library's Group Study Rooms [305, 306, 307, 308] have been upgraded to support collaborative group learning projects with Student Technology Fee funds. To facilitate access – Rooms have been equipped with 42" LG LED Monitor, Control Panel with two HDMI ports, VGA port, two Data ports for Internet access – as well as easy access to electrical outlets. All necessary cables will be provided at Reserve Desk on first floor.


Laptop Computers

Purchased with Student Technology Fees, the Library currently loans 20 Dell laptops to Lehman undergraduate and graduate students. Laptops are available for a three (3) hour loan within the Library. Laptops are circulated with chargers and carrying cases. All items are charged to the student's account. Please make certain to return all items.



Purchased with Student Technology Fees, the Library has 22 iPads available for loan. Students may choose between a one-day (1) in-house loan or a two-day (2) external loan.

iPads have been preloaded with 30 apps. Students are not permitted to add additional apps.

iPads are loaned with a USB charger/adapter, case, and User Survey for student feedback. All items will be charged to the borrower's account. Students must fill out a User Loan Agreement before being granted loan privileges. iPads are intended to support Library research. User must follow the guidelines detailed on the CUNY's Policy on Acceptable Use of Computer Resources.

Electronic Reserves

Electronic Reserve is course material available on the Internet. Your course instructor will provide the username to access your course and accompanying materials.

How to Use eRes in Five Easy Steps:

  1. From the Library’s homepage, click on Find Reserve Items, click on Electronic Reserves, or go directly to
  2. Search Electronic Reserves by instructor's name, course number and subject
  3. Click on the link to your course ID number.
  4. Enter the password provided by your instructor. (If you forget your password, please contact your instructor; library staff cannot supply passwords). Read the Copyright Guidelines that appear on the screen. You must accept these guidelines in order to proceed.
  5. Click on the Reserve item you wish to view. When it appears on the screen, you can either view it, print it, or save it to your USB. Select File, then Save As from the menu bar. Be sure to change to another disk drive on your home computer. Materials will print more clearly than they appear on the screen. For links to materials on print Reserves, please copy the call number and request it at the Reserve Desk.
How to View Electronic Reserves
  1. In order to view most Electronic Reservese documents, your computer must have Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Adobe Acrobat Reader is already loaded on all library computers.
  2. If you need this software for your personal computer, you can download it free from Adobe:, Follow the downloading and installation instructions.

Faculty Guide

Placing Items on Reserve
Reserve Request Form (also available at the Reserve Desk) at least three (3) weeks in advance of the beginning of the semester. Due to the heavy volume of Reserve requests, items submitted later will not be processed immediately.

Course Management

The Library will place material on Reserve at the request of the instructor for the educational use of students. Free electronic access will be limited to the instructor and students. A copyright notice - for photocopied material and electronic material - will be available for each item. Access to material will be removed at the end of each semester.

Unless you request otherwise, all material will be removed from Reserve at the end of each semester. Items may not be placed in the following semester unless copyright permission has been obtained from the copyright owner, or if Lehman College owns the licenses and materials.

Passwords will be assigned for every course page. It will be the instructor's responsibility to distribute passwords to students. Library staff will not distribute passwords.

When submitting book chapters for eReserve, faculty are requested to submit clear photocopies or PDFs only.

Copyright Guidelines

The Library complies with the current guidelines found at (C)opyright@CUNY. We reserve the right not to accept materials for Reserve if we judge that the nature, scope or extent of this material is beyond the reasonable limits of fair use. We will not knowingly accept materials that violate copyright law. Material that need copyright permission will not be uploaded until the faculty member has secured permission.  The Library will not pay any permission fees. If material is too expensive to place on electronic reserve, the Library may try to purchase a print copy.


For additional information, please contact:
Angelina Brea, 718-960-8081,,
Stephen Walker, 718-960-7773,

Last modified: Sep 21, 2016