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Call us during Library hours, 718-960-8580.

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Stop by the Reference Desk on the first floor and talk with a Librarian during Library hours.

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Contact a subject specialist librarian to help you with in-depth research questions.

From off-campus, Lehman users will be prompted to log into databases, e-journals, e-books, and other subscription resources via their Library Barcode. Online students can find their library barcodes using Lehman360

Your Lehman360 username is your first name.last name and password is the same as your Lehman email password.

Learn more about Lehman360 by going to the Lehman 360 page

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To login, enter your barcode without spaces or dashes.
The barcode is located on the front of your ID Card:

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Your barcode must be activated in the CUNY library system.
Your account must not have any outstanding fines.
To activate your barcode, visit the Library’s Circulation Desk.

To report a problem, please fill out the following form report a technical problem

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If you need assistance, contact the Print Help Desk in the Reference area - or the IT Help Desk, help.desk@lehman.cuny.edu, or 718-960-1111.

For further assistance, contact the Library IT Help Desk in the Computer Lab on the Concourse level, help.desk@lehman.cuny.edu, or 718-960-1111.

Short videos on how to do everything from renewing a book to choosing a database. Also learn about printing in the Library and how to contact a librarian in your major field.
Watch Leonard Lief Library videos

Art students at Lehman team up annually with Library faculty to create Web Comic about life as a Lehman student. And you'll learn something about research as well.

Who's Art Nouveau?
An assignment in Francisco’s graphic design class sends him on a journey through the historical art movement known as Art Nouveau. Along the way, he discovers strategies for formulating a research question that arises from his own interests and curiosity.

The Researchers Begin!
Liz discovers her mother has diabetes. She and her friends set out to learn more about the disease.

When Life Gives You Lehman…
Marisol Alvarez learns some hard lessons about academic integrity at Lehman College.

Need help with your citation? Our Citation Research Guide will help you.

Anyone with a valid CUNY email address can sign up for free access to the NYTimes.com website and apps. It also means that you can cancel your personal subscription to NYTimes.com! (But first read the “Restrictions” section below to make sure you want to cancel.)

How to Register for Your Free Academic Pass:

  1. Go to nytimes.com/passes
  2. Click Register to create a NYTimes.com account using your cuny.edu email address. If you already have a NYTimes account (free or paid) associated with your CUNY email, you need to unlink your CUNY email from that account before signing up for your Academic Pass. Log in to NYTimes.com, click your Username in the top right corner, select “My Account,” and replace your CUNY address with a non-CUNY one. You can then use your CUNY address to register for your pass.
  3. At the bottom of the Welcome page, click “Continue.” You will be prompted to check your email. Watch for the confirmation message, which should arrive within 15 minutes.
  4. Click the link in the confirmation email. This will simultaneously verify your eligibility and grant your Academic Pass, which will provide access to NYTimes.com for 52 weeks.
  5. If you don’t get the confirmation email, check your spam filter. If you still do not receive it, send an email from your CUNY email account to edu@nytimes.com.

Ongoing Use: Once you have activated your Academic Pass, you should have full access for 52 weeks (364 days) with no further action on your part. If you see a message that you are reaching the limit of free articles on the site, you’re probably not logged in. Simply log back in.

Renewal: As people who have signed up reach their one-year anniversary, their passes will expire, and they will start seeing the article counter again. Then, after accessing 10 articles, they will be prompted to subscribe or log in. When this happens to you, just go to http://nytimes.com/passes and sign in as an existing subscriber to enjoy another free year of access to the digital New York Times.

Apps: Your Academic Pass includes access to the NYTimes apps. Once you have registered your Academic Pass, you can access nytimes.com on most web-capable devices.

Canceling a Personal Subscription: To cancel your personal subscription, call NYTimes customer service at 1-800-NYTIMES or, if you subscribed through iTunes, follow these instructions. There may be other things you have to do, depending on the device you have been using to read the NYTimes. If you had an annual subscription, you will receive a refund for the unused portion of the year. If you had a monthly subscription, you will not receive a refund for the month in which you cancel.

Anyone with a valid CUNY email address can sign up for free access to the Wall Street Journal website and apps.

How to Register for Your Free Membership:

Go to wsj.com/membership

You will need to sign in each time you use it with your membership.

Professor/Staff Membership Expiration

All professors & staff retain WSJ membership for one year after activating. After that, they will have to re-activate their membership.

Student Membership Expiration

When a student activates their membership, they are required to input their graduation date & year. This is their membership expiration date. If they graduate later than expected and lose access, they can always re-activate their membership.

Purchased with Student Technology Fees, the Library currently loans 20 Dell laptops to Lehman undergraduate and graduate students. Laptops are available for a three (3) hour loan within the Library. Laptops are circulated with chargers and carrying cases. All items are charged to the student's account. Please make certain to return all items.

Purchased with Student Technology Fees, the Library has iPads and iPad Minis available for two-day loan. iPads have been preloaded with 30 apps. Students are not permitted to add additional apps.

A number of Group Study Rooms are located on the third floor for use by Lehman students only. The rooms are kept locked. Keys can be obtained at the Reserve Desk. Students wishing to use the Rooms must have a current valid, barcoded Lehman ID. There is a three (3) hour limit on use of the Rooms at any one time. Fines will be charged for overstaying the time limit and for lost keys. Due to the size of the Rooms, only four students maximum are allowed at any time. Keys may not be renewed during Exam periods.

Group Study Rooms have been upgraded to support collaborative group learning projects with Student Technology Fee funds. Study Rooms have been equipped with 42” LG LED monitors, control panels with two HDMI ports, VGA port, two data ports for Internet access, as well as easy access electrical outlets. All necessary cables will be provided at the Reserve Desk on the first floor.

The Bloomberg terminal is a premier international financial services database providing news and analytics for over 129 countries and 250 exchanges. Features include 24-hour historical and 15-minute delayed securities pricing in addition to news, data, and analysis on companies, markets and economies. Lehman College has introduced one Bloomberg Terminal, housed in the Leonard Lief Library, commencing Spring Term 2018.

Usage Policy: Only current students, staff, or faculty can use the Bloomberg Professional terminals. Each user is limited to 90 minutes, and priority is given to students and faculty of the Economics & Business Department. Location & Reservation information: There is one Bloomberg Professional terminal in the Library. Instructions for use are available at the Reserve Desk or via the Bloomberg Research Guide. You must reserve a time slot below and then register at the Circulation Desk on the 1st Floor of the Library.

The Library uses the Library of Congress Classification (LOC) to categorize books. Books are shelved near each other based on similar subjects. Browsing in an area improves your chances of finding related resources of interest.
You may borrow books located in the second and third floor stacks. Reference books on the first floor are for Library use only.

For a more detailed guide to finding materials in our collection, refer to the following document: Call Number Table (Excel)

For the complete LOC Classification system: https://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/lcco/

Please consult this helpful Research Guide: How to Find Books Using Library of Congress (LC) Classification


Call Number Location
A, B, C, D 2nd Floor (South)
E, F 2nd Floor (North)
G, GV, H, J  3rd Floor (North)
K 3rd Floor (South - East)
3rd Floor (South) (Education)
ML1 – MT1375 2nd Floor (North)
N 2nd Floor (North)
3rd Floor (North)
Q, R, S, T, U, V 3rd Floor (South)
3rd Floor (South - East)
Atlases  (G - QA) Technical Services
2nd Floor
(ask at Circulation Desk)
Education & Juvenile
Books & Periodicals
3rd Floor (South-West)
Govt. Docs. Periodicals Room
Concourse Level (North)
(ask at Circulation Desk)
Leisure Reading Reference
Concourse Level (South)
Microfilm Periodicals
Concourse Level (North)
Music Scores (M1-M2198),
Audio CDs
Technical Services
2nd Floor
(ask at Circulation Desk)
(Except Education)
Concourse Level (North & South)
Ready Reference Reference
Concourse Level (South)
Reference Books
(Except Education & M's)
Concourse Level (South)
Reserve Books Reserve
Concourse Level (South)
Special Collections Room 230
2nd Floor (North)
Video (DVD & VHS) Reserve
Concourse Level (South)


The Library maintains a collection of past Undergraduate and Graduate Lehman College Course Bulletins. We do not maintain any course syllabi.

Course Bulletins are located at the Reference Desk, with duplicate copies available in Special Collections. Lehman alumni may visit the Library in person to access Bulletins and photocopy necessary information.

Alumni must present photo ID to enter the Library. They must inform the Guard they will be using Course Bulletins at the Reference Desk. To guarantee entry, alumni are advised to call the Reference Desk (718-960-8580) in advance to request an entrance pass left with the Guard.

Please use the Course Description Request Form.
Phone requests will not be accepted.
Course descriptions can be e-mailed to you as a PDF attachment - or they can be faxed or mailed. Only Lehman alumni - not educational institutions - are eligible for this service.

For questions, please e-mail library.reference@lehman.cuny.edu or call the Reference unit, 718-960-7759.

For course description request related questions:
Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin
Transcript Information

The Library's Lost and Found is centrally located at the first floor Circulation Desk. Lost material of value is transferred to Public Safety after one month. All other materials are kept until end of semester - then discarded.