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Elementary Leadership Project - Making Time For Inquiry

Making Time for Inquiry

Introduction [PDF]
by Barbara Batton, Laura Schwartzberg and Kendra Sibley


Preston Cover Photo Finding a Thread and Pulling It: A Transportation Inquiry in a First- & Second-Grade Classroom [PDF]
by Catlin Preston

Tarrats Cover PhotoIn Support of Scientific Inquiry: Building Literacy Development in Kindergarten [PDF]
by Denise Tarrats

Wittner Cover PhotoAn Inquiry into Becoming an Artist [PDF]
by Ilene S. Wittner

Batton Cover Photo Keeping Inquiry Alive through Exploration and Investigation [PDF]
by Barbara Batton

Schwartzberg Cover Photo Creating Imaginary Islands [PDF]
by Laura Schwartzberg

Cleary Cover Photo Inquiring into Immigration [PDF]
by Amelia Cleary

Purnell Cover Photo Providing for Creativity through Origami Instruction [PDF]
by Annette Purnell

Channer Cover Photo Inquiring about Fairytales [PDF]
by Cheryll Channer

Andrias Cover Photo Choice, Flexibility, Struggle, and Reflection [PDF]
by Eve Andrias

Sibley Cover Photo Inquiry in the Art Room [PDF]
by Kendra Sibley

Reeder Mann Cover Photo Finding Time for Inquiry [PDF]
by Shea Reeder & Utopia Mann

Magiet  Cover Photo I-Searches to Inquiry [PDF]
by Melissa Magiet

Last modified: Apr 19, 2013

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