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Academic-Year Program

ETN Study Groups and Courses meet weekly or monthly on-site in the schools and serve as ongoing forums where school staffs can study matters of interest and concern to the school community. Participants document their own and their students' work, and share this descriptive documentation with one another in order to consider ways of using their insights as a basis for instruction. Participants may earn tuition-waived graduate credits in education from Lehman College.

On-site Support. ETN teacher-consultants work intensively with participants on-site in their classrooms and at grade cohort meetings to develop materials-rich and language-rich curricula, and to assist teachers in observing, describing, and documenting children's learning. Consultants also facilitate committees of teachers, parents, and administrators considering matters of concern to the school and/or group.

The Saturday Inquiry Group meets monthly at Lehman College. Several texts are selected each year for close study. Alongside these readings, participants study children's work, document their own work and their students' progress and development, and share this descriptive documentation with one another in order to improve their teaching and support children's learning. The Saturday Inquiry is open to teachers preK-12 throughout the city.

Last modified: Oct 13, 2011

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