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Department of Computer Science at Lehman College



Full-time Faculty Email Phone:718-960- Office
Behrstock, Jason 5624 GI-137G
Bettiol, Renato 5575 GI-230B
Fera, Joseph 5112 GI-100B
Handel, Michael 8126 GI-137F
Hanges, Nicholas 7858 GI-236
Karp, Leon 8051 GI-234
Lakic, Nikola 8496 GI-202
Nathanson, Melvyn 8860 GI-101C
Owen, Megan
7423 GI-137E
Schneiderman, Robert 5197 GI-137H
Sormani, Christina 7422 GI-200A
Szabo, Zoltan
8534 GI-100A

Wynne, Brian 8871 GI-104
Zeinalian, Mahmoud 5572 GI-137I
Professor Emeriti
Feinerman, Robert    
Fitting, Melvin    
Isaac, Richard    
Keen, Linda    
Koranyi, Adam
Laderman, Julian    
Meyer, Paul      
Schneider, Robert    
Smullyan, Raymond


Part-Time Faculty Listing