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The Office of Media Relations & Publications

Branding/Visual Guidelines

Lehman College 50th Logo

The Lehman College logo is the cornerstone of our visual identity, and its consistent use helps establish a strong, recognizable brand.

Please note: Lehman’s signature and logo have been updated to temporarily feature typography signaling our anniversary year. All guidelines relating to the use of the standard logo and signature apply to 50th anniversary marks.

The 50th anniversary marks will be used until June 30, 2019. They are available in a variety of formats here. Please contact Media Relations if you need assistance.

Guidelines for Use

  • An appropriate visual identity component must be used on all College print or digital communications projects.
  • No campus entity (i.e. schools, divisions, departments, centers, student groups) is authorized to create and use its own visual identity solutions. Please contact the Office of Media Relations for assistance
  • The logo and signature should only be reproduced from authorized digital files. Do not attempt to typeset or recreate these yourself.
  • No identity component or any of its elements may be incorporated into the symbol of other organizations.

Primary Usage

The primary signature is composed of the shield and the wordmark.

The signature is the default mark for the majority of applications, from digital media (videos, PowerPoint, etc.) to printed publications to advertising.

The signature is available in a horizontal and “stacked version. The horizontal signature should be used almost exclusively. The stacked version should be reserved for applications with special size restraints.

Logo Options

No identity component or any of its elements may be incorporated into the symbol of other organizations.

Secondary Usage

There may be rare instances where the primary logo isn’t appropriate or doesn’t work. In those cases, use these secondary applications.


When using the shield by itself, the Lehman College name must appear somewhere nearby in the same product or communication piece.

Lehman College 50th Logo


Use the wordmark on its own judiciously. The center-aligned version shown here should be used only when the entire layout has a strong center alignment.


The official colors are listed below:

Color Variation

Use these logos when production limitations prevent the use of the primary logo. The logos below are the only approved alternatives to the primary logo, and should be used rarely.

Size Guidelines


  • Horizontal version – one inch (170 pixels)
  • Stacked version – 0.75 inch (110 pixels)


  • There is no maximum size limit but use discretion when sizing the logo. It should never be the most dominant element on the page; instead, it should live comfortably and clearly as an identifying mark.


Lehman’s official typeface is Helvetica Neue. It’s a bold, classic font, with strong ties to New York City. It comes in a number of weights but can be limited to those listed below:


To ensure consistent use of the logo, here are some practices to avoid:

Locking It Up with CUNY

It’s important to show the CUNY affiliation by locking up the CUNY logo with the Lehman College signature. The CUNY logo should appear no smaller than 35% of the Lehman signature’s height, and no closer together than half the width of the logo.

The Lehman signature should always appear to the left of the CUNY logo.

Official Seal

Use of the Lehman College seal is limited to official administration offices, such as the Office of the President, and official College documents, such as diplomas and certificates, at the discretion of the College president. This artwork may not be used for other applications.

Contact the Office of Media Relations to inquire whether your use for the seal may be applicable.

The College seal should never be substituted for the primary logo.