Lehman College Art Gallery's "Castles in the Sky" Exhibition Moving to Florida

Photo for Lehman exhibit, 'Castles in the Sky'

For the first time ever, a Lehman College Art Gallery exhibition is moving on to new life at another venue.

“Castles in the Sky: Fantasy Architecture in Contemporary Art”, now open through Jan. 26 on the Lehman campus, will be on view at the Coral Gables Museum in Florida from Feb. 15 through April 23.

“This is great news,” said Bartholomew F. Bland, executive director of the Lehman College Art Gallery and curator of the exhibit. “We have had such an excellent response to the exhibition, and I am very pleased that an entirely new audience will have a chance to appreciate it. I’m also happy for some of the newer and younger artists included in the show, as wider exposure to their work is certainly warranted.”

Featuring a mix of 30 artists—well-known names and upstarts, some Bronx-based—the exhibit is an entertaining and provocative survey of how artists match their limitless imaginations with the presence and purpose(s) of place. Each work, said Bland, “appeals to the dream that we all have about the perfect home, or the perfect building, or the perfect place we would want to spend time.”

At the Coral Gables Museum, the exhibition will be housed in the Fewell Gallery and accompanied by a series of related programs, including a lecture and a panel discussion with Bland and some of the participating artists. For more information, visit coralgablesmuseum.org.

The catalog for “Castles in the Sky: Fantasy Architecture in Contemporary Art,” which opened Oct. 13, 2018, was published in December 2018.