Lehman Graduation Rate Beats Expected Rate by 9%, Outperforming Most Schools in Study

Photo of Lehman College Graduates

A recent study found that Lehman College students graduate at a rate that exceeds expectations, and even puts the College among the best performing institutions from across the country.

The study, conducted by The New York Times and the Urban Institute's Center on Education Data and Policy, looked at 368 colleges and universities across the country to determine why students drop out of some schools and not others. Along with this inquiry, it was discovered that some schools significantly underperform or outperform their expected six-year graduation rates, falling short or rising above of a figure based on student characteristics (income, race, gender, age, and test scores) for each school that was analyzed.

Lehman College was among those that outperformed expectations—by 9 percentage points between the actual rate and expected graduation rate for a first-time, full-time cohort of students that earned their diplomas in 2018. The expected graduation rate, according to the analysis, was 53 percent; the actual rate? Sixty-two. This put Lehman in rarefied company, as only about 20 schools nationwide topped Lehman or fared as well. Interestingly, Lehman stands as the top performing CUNY four-year college in the analysis.

"Year after year, Lehman College has worked hard to improve graduation rates and build on student success programs that promote degree completion," said Lehman College President Daniel Lemons. "I'm pleased that this study reflects that our students are meeting the challenges, inside and outside of the classrooms, and they are receiving the support, guidance, and instruction necessary to earn a diploma and achieve their goals."

Factors that helped colleges outperform expectations, according to the study, included academic structures like "degree road maps," financial aid, and strong advising programs.