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Summer Nutrition Tip

Are You Beach Body Ready?


Decrease 500 Calories per day (7days)=

1 pound weight loss/week

(3,500 calories/week)


Think Small - Order a kid's cup of ice cream. Adult serving about 800 calories vs. kid serving about 300 calories

Eat To Lose - If you fast or eat too little, your body holds onto the calories. Eat enoujgh of nutrient dense foods (fruits & veggies) to satisfy your calorie needs so that you can lose weight.

Before You Drink, Think - A 12 ounce, sugar sweetened beverage (soda, Gatorade) has approximately 170 calories. Three beverages daily equals 510 calories!

Walk - The weather is getting warmer, a 15 minute brisk walk burns 100 calories. Taking 10,00 steps per day burns 500 calories!

Get In Tune With Your Tummy - Listen to your body's cues, eat slowly, pay attention to how full you feel and put down your fork when you are satisfied.

Last modified: May 28, 2015

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