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In some circles online education has been given a bad name; because of serious accusations being leveled at for-profit learning institutions and the dearth of research to the efficacy of online education, online teaching has an image problem even when online learning is a critical part of many colleges' strategic plans!

For our students, success in college will hinge not only on learning to master subject matter but also on being effective digital communicators, and Facebook does not qualify as effective online communication! Careers are made from the ability to persuasively communicate ideas through presentation. Keeping pace with the kinds of technologies that best feature that skill set can be daunting especially because there are so many products out there that are 'here today' and gone tomorrow.' Our office will see to it that you have both information and access to the technology and we will work with you to see to it that your teaching goals are front and center. We will help you design the kind of multimedia based projects that stimulate your students research and presentation skills.

The basis for stimulating faculty demonstrations happen when faculty who are passionate about learning new technologies (like VoiceThread and Wikispaces for instance) come to light and want to share their successes as well as lessons learned. Rich media tools used in online teaching are being adopted all the time at Lehman and effective practices are always sought after, so do make yourself known and we'll feature your project to our faculty community!

Announcements of Faculty Demonstrations will be noted on this page. To participate in a technology demonstration contact Alyson Vogel, Associate Director for Online Education at 347 577-4024 or ext. 4024


Last modified: Nov 22, 2011

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