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When you decide to engage in the services our office provides, you will see that there’s more to our approach than having you watch an expert demonstrate a technology! We want to assist you in addressing real strategic course design issues and help you to answer questions like “who will use the technology?” “how it will be used?” and “for what purpose?” The process will be a creatively guided one, helping you discover the best methods for active student learning and integrated assessments with respect to your particular course as we:

  • Define course content and objectives;
  • Identify what students should be able to do to demonstrate understanding of those concepts;
  • Develop group assignments and class activities so that students can develop mastery of the concepts;
  • Establish performance standards for group and individual work.

We will talk about your expected outcomes and work alongside you to design a plan for sustainability. In this way you will discover that the real innovation is not the technology but the change in how you and your students will be using the technology to enhance the online teaching and learning experience.
Whether the section is taught in-person or online our goal is to enhance learning in the hybrid classroom to offer reflection that goes beyond pure memorization. Our online learning support provides faculty with ideas for new or adaptive pedagogical strategies and perspectives that can be enhanced by the use of technology, not driven by it. We also provide methods for incorporating a variety of innovative in-person, online and Web 2.0 facilitated learning activities and assignments to increase higher-order thinking.

Last modified: Oct 13, 2011

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