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Online Education at Lehman College

Contact Us

Primary Mailing Address:

Carman Hall, Room 249
250 Bedford Park Blvd West
Bronx, NY 10468

Student Inquiries:

Our Online Enrollment Specialist can answer questions regarding the application process, online programs, online courses, how to register, as well as connect you with a program director or faculty member:

Joan Draper, Online Enrollment Specialist
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 10:00-6:00 Eastern Time
Office: Carman Hall, Room 249
Phone: 718-960-2400

Technical Assistance:

Help Desk provides information and assistance with campus technology. In addition to walk-in consultations during our hours of operation.
Office Hours: standard business hours Monday-Friday when the College is open and during other times when the IT Center is open

Office: Carman Hall, Room 108
Online Contact: Online Form Requesting Assistance
Phone:  718-960-1111

Blackboard Help

For technical questions about Blackboard, contact:

Stephen Castellano, Blackboard Administrator and Instructional Technology Support Specialist
Office: Carman Hall, Room 107
Phone: 718-960-8658

Inquiries about Lehman Online:

Olena Zhadko, Director of Online Education
Office: Carman Hall, Room 264
Phone: 718-960-1172