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Online Education at Lehman College

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You might be looking for ways to tweak your course, learn about the latest technologies, or make your course student-centered. Or perhaps you want to learn about how to use Open Educational Resources to make your course more engaging or replace your current textbooks. Or even how to use technology to catch up on missed classes due to bad weather.

About Faculty Consultations

  1. The Office of Online Education offers individual consultations (in person and online) for faculty teaching fully online, hybrid and in-person classes. These consultations revolve around assistance in course planning, design, and development, topics of effective teaching, establishing instructor presence, motivating and retaining students, continuing to engage the learner, learner-centered course design, selection of and pedagogically sound use of emerging technologies, and best practices in teaching and learning.
  2. Each consultation could last anywhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours, including syllabus and course review, meeting time and follow up. Many of the faculty who participate in professional development offered by the Office of Online Education can request further assistance and support.
  3. To schedule a consultation, we ask you please send us an email with your course syllabus, draft of your course development plan, and note specific questions you would like to address during the consultation prior to the meeting. The consultations are scheduled fro 30-45 minutes and explore a range of topics from course design, adopting appropriate edtech tools to enhance student learning, etc.
  4. See our Contact Us page for more details on who to contact.