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The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP)

CUNY Funding Opportunities

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research at the City University of New York also has programs dedicated to supporting and encouraging research on its campuses. More information is available on the Vice Chancellor for Research's web site.

These include the following programs

CUNY Research in the Classroom Program - Deadline: September 2017

The Research in the Classroom grant program expands the scope of the research endeavor at CUNY by broadening participation of undergraduate students. Its goal is to take faculty research directly to students in the classroom by creating a research-integrated curriculum.

PSC-CUNY Award Program (Round 49) - Deadline: December 2017

The Professional Staff Congress-City University of New York (PSC-CUNY) Research Award Program was established as a major vehicle for the University's encouragement and support of faculty research and leverage external funding. It seeks to enhance the University's role as a research institution, further the professional growth and development of its faculty, and provide support for both the established and the younger scholar. Awards are distributed by the University Committee on Research Awards, a faculty committee, and administered by the Research Foundation of CUNY.

CUNY ASRC Seed Program - Deadline: February 2018

The CUNY ASRC Seed Program is a new funding opportunity for CUNY faculty to leverage research relationships at the CUNY ASRC. The program encourages an interdisciplinary approach within one of the five initiatives of the ASRC: Nanoscience, Photonics, Structural Biology, Neuroscience and Environmental Sciences.

Book Completion Award - Deadline: February 2018

This fellowship welcomes applications for book projects that are in the development and prospectus stage, as well as those that have been accepted for publication and are in the completion and finalization stage.

Interdisciplinary Research Grant Program - Deadline: March 2018

The Interdisciplinary Research Grant Program, formerly the Collaborative Incentive Research Grant Program, supports faculty whose research focuses on global challenges that affect the needs of urban populations.

Arts Research & Teaching Technology Equipment Grant Program - Deadline: March 2018

The landscape of education in the arts and humanities has undergone a marked change in recent decades, particularly with the advent of new communications technologies and digital media. The CUNY Office of Research seeks to embrace this change and has created this grant program to support arts faculty with technological needs.

iHUB Residence Fellowship - Deadline: June 2018

Research can often lead to discoveries or inventions, which can potentially improve or create a new process, device, method, composition of materials, or other useful entities. One way to commercialize an invention is for the inventor to create a startup company, and continue to develop the invention into a product that can be sold to interested customers.

Summer Advanced Grant Writing Award - Deadline: Summer 2018

The Summer Advanced Grantwriting Award (SAGA) will provide $5,000 of summer salary for faculty working on a proposal for a federal agency grant of at least $100,000.  Faculty from all disciplines are welcome to apply.

The William P. Kelly Research Fellowship Program - Deadline: February 2018

The Chancellor’s Research Fellowship Program aims to advance the research, scholarship and creative work of CUNY’s outstanding community college faculty. Since its inception in 2014-15, the program has supported a broad range of faculty projects in the humanities, social and natural sciences and creative and performing arts.

Joint CUNY-RFCUNY Faculty Travel for Research Program - Deadline: Rolling

The Faculty Travel for Research Program which is aimed to promote research and scholarly creativity across the university.  The program will support out-of-town travel to develop new research collaboration and funding opportunities.