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e-PAF System Usage

Posted 07/15/2004


To: All PDs, PIs, and Administrators

From: Sharon Brooks, Director of Client Services, RF-CUNY

Date: July 19, 2004


In auditing the e-PAF system, it has come to our attention that many PIs are using the ADD function to extend appointments, even when there is still money on the line, instead of using the MODIFY function (which was created for this purpose). This causes several system problems (e.g. erroneous overlapping appointments), as well as PRSY web reports confusion for the PIs, as lines are added every time an ADD is processed.

At the present time, there is extremely high PAF volume and some PIs are receiving error messages when using the ADD module. Therefore, a change needed to be made to the ADD module in order to keep the system running at optimal speed and efficiency.

The only ADD PAFs that will be listed in the "Display Added PAFs" area are those that are unprocessed and pending actions such as approval or upload. Fully processed ADDs will now be displayed in only 2 places, the "Modify/Terminate Existing PAFs" module, and in the web reports.

Whenever possible, please use the MODIFY function when extending an employee's appointment on the same PRSY. It is easiest to do before the money runs out on an employee's encumbrance, and it will not create an extra line on the web reports.

As always, for e-PAF assistance, please contact your campus' Client Services team members.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Sharon Brooks,
Director of Client Services
Research Foundation, CUNY
555 W. 57th St., N.Y., N.Y. 10019

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