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Employment-Related Policies and Procedures - Update for 2004

Posted 03/02/2004

TO: Grants Officers and Administrative Personnel
FROM: Wendy E. Patitucci
Director of Employment Policy and Practice
RE: Employment-Related Policies and Procedures - Update for 2004

This communication is to alert you to a number of significant changes in Research Foundation policies and procedures affecting personnel and benefits administration:

1) RFCUNY's policy governing Time and Leave Benefits for All Research Foundation Employees, Policy No. 506-E, has been amended to conform our policies on the subjects of Military Leave and Jury Duty Service to the current state of the law. For the complete text of the amended policy as it relates to Military Leave and Jury Duty Service, see the Operating Guidelines of Policy No. 506-E, set forth in Sections V.(E) and V.(G), respectively, at

2) RFCUNY s policy governing Project Employee Complaints, Policy No. 510, has been amended to facilitate the orderly resolution of complaints filed by RFCUNY employees. For the complete text of the amended policy, go to:

3) The plan documents governing RFCUNY s Retirement Annuity and Supplemental Retirement Annuity Plans have been amended to bring them into compliance with tax code regulations concerning minimum required distributions from such plans. The changes are technical in nature and do not significantly affect the operation of the plans. You may request copies of the amended plan documents by writing to me at

4) For information concerning the process of petitioning for employment related (H-1B1) visas for prospective RFCUNY employees, please go to:

5) For new procedures governing the use of leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), please go to:

If not specified in the policy itself, all of the above changes are effective immediately.

Please feel free to contact me at (212) 417-8601 with any questions or concerns regarding the above.

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