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ID Schedule


The ID Room is located in Shuster Hall, room 079.

Photo ID's are taken on a first come, first serve basis. Students, staff and faculty are served on the same line.

To obtain a Lehman College ID card:

  • New faculty and staff members must bring a letter from Human Resources that contain their EMPL number. Another form of identification is also needed to obtain a Lehman ID card.
  • New students must bring another form of identification.
  • All students must be registered in order to obtain a Lehman ID card.

To replace a Lehman College ID card:

  • To replace a lost Lehman ID card, please go to Shuster Hall, room 031 with a photo ID.
  • Replacement fees are $10.00 for a regular ID card or $15.00 for the dual access/proximity ID card. Cash is the only accepted form of payment for replacement ID/dual access cards..


Photo ID Schedule for April  2019
March 28, 2019 Thursday 9:00A - 1:00P & 4:00P - 7:00P
April 1, 2019 Monday 9:00A - 1:00P
April 2, 2019 Tuesday 4:00P - 7:00P
April 4, 2019 Thursday 9:00A - 1:00P
April 9, 2019 Tuesday 9:00A - 1:00P
April 10, 2019 Wednesday 9:00A - 1:00P & 4:00P - 7:00P
April 11, 2019 Thursday 9:00A - 1:00P & 4:00P - 7:00P
April 13, 2019 Saturday 9:00A - 3:00P
April 17, 2019 Wednesday 4:00P - 7:00P
April 18, 2019 Thursday 9:00A - 1:00P & 4:00P - 7:00P
April 30, 2019 Tuesday 9:00A - 1:00P & 4:00P - 7:00P