Title V Sophomore Year Initiative (SYI)


Academic Advisement

The SYI Program will help you to establish and obtain the long term goals you set for yourself at Lehman. While sophomores have the benefit of beingmore prepared to access the resources they learned about as freshmen, SYI students will have a designated Academic Advisor to provide continuing assistance in navigating these resources. Your Academic Advisor will help in choosing classes to meet general education requirements, discuss effective academic planning, and determine strategies to succeed in your coursework.  Advisors may also provide referrals to various academic programs and student services to help support your success. Your advisor’s role is to provide information and support so that you can make informed decisions about your education.

Who is my Academic Advisor?

Dyan Atkins provides Academic Advisement for second semester freshmen and sophomores with Last names between A-L. You may contact Dyan by calling her 718-960-1971 or by email: Dyan.Atkins@lehman.cuny.edu. Dyan’s office is located at Shuster Hall, Room 288.  Her office hours are Monday-Friday between 9-5pm.

Diane Dellacorte provides Academic Advisement for second semester freshmen and sophomores with Last names between M-Z. You may contact Diane by calling her 718-960-1972 or by email: Diane.Dellacorte@lehman.cuny.edu. Diane’s office is located at Shuster Hall, Room 280/278A. Her office hours are Monday-Friday between 9-5pm.

How can I schedule an appointment with my Advisor?

Students may schedule an appointment with their Advisor by contacting her directly.

How often should I see my Advisor?

Students should plan to meet with their designated advisor at least once every semester to track their progress, and to address issues and/or concerns relating to their progress.

If you are a sophomore with a cumulative GPA less than a 2.0, you should meet with an Academic Advisor regularly throughout the semester.  Your Advisor will discuss strategies to help get you back on track and succeed in your studies at Lehman.

How can my Academic Advisor help me?

Your Academic Advisor is here to support your success!  In order to achieve success, you may wish to contact your Advisor to receive support in any one of the following areas:

Goal setting

  • Discuss your educational plans to help you to select electives/liberal arts courses that support  your interests and Long Range Academic Plan (LRAP)
  • Seek advice when having uncertainty about choosing a major and/or how to declare a major

Planning a schedule

  • Assistance with course scheduling and registration
  • Guidance with creating a manageable schedule that will work for you

Reviewing academic progress

  • Review your educational progress towards completing your general education requirements
  • Discuss your progress in your classes and successful study strategies

Connecting with the campus

  • Help with navigating college resources and connecting with faculty members who have expertise in my area of interest
  • Opportunities to participate in workshops, events, student clubs and/or organizations

Staying the course

  • Concerns about time management and/or struggling with coursework
  • Extenuating circumstances such as a family emergency or medical illness which may significantly affect your ability to attend class and/or remain in school
  • Lack of motivation and/or interest in your studies


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