Summer at Lehman

Application and Registration Information


To apply as a visiting student, Download a Summer Session application [PDF].

Mail your application to:

  • Lehman College Office for Special Academic Sessions
    Shuster Hall, Room 178
    250 Bedford Park Blvd. West Bronx, NY 10468

Or fax your application to Lehman College Office of Admissions at 718-960-2419.

Please email the Office for Special Academic Sessions with any additional questions.

Application Fee:

$65 for new visiting students, $125 for new / visiting graduate students and $20 for returning students.

Visiting CUNY students

To apply: follow the CUNY ePermit procedure. Visit the CUNY Portal for information on how to use CUNY ePermit.

To Register:

Use Lehman's web registration system, CUNYfirst, once you have obtained your CUNY ePermit. Lehman Students Applying: Lehman students who are not attending classes in the Spring semester semester must be readmitted to the College to register for Summer semester classes. For more information on readmission, visit the Lehman College Admissions Office in Shuster Hall, Room 161. Registering: Once readmitted, you may register online through Lehman's web registration system, CUNYfirst. Online Courses Use your CUNY portal account from any computer with an Internet connection at home, on campus, or in many local libraries.

Visit the Registrar's Website

For more details about registering for Summer Session, please visit our registrar's website.

Last modified: Jan 16, 2014

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