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PSC/CUNY Agreement:

Section 15.2 Workload for part-time members of the Instructional Staff:

(a) A person appointed to an Adjunct title is not a full-time employee of The City University of New York. Employment in an adjunct position or a combination of adjunct positions shall not constitute a full-time position. Adjunct Lecturers or Adjuncts in other titles, excluding Graduate Assistants, shall not be assigned a total of more than nine (9) classroom contact hours during a semester in one unit of The City University of New York. In addition, such adjunct may be employed to teach a maximum of one course of not more than six (6) hours during a semester at another unit of The City University of New York.

(b) Adjunct Professors, Adjunct Associate Professors, Adjunct Assistant Professors, Adjunct Instructors and Adjunct Lecturers who are assigned a teaching workload of six (6) or more contact hours at the same college, will be paid at the appropriate teaching adjunct rate of pay for one (1) additional hour per week in order to engage in professional assignments related to their academic responsibilities, such as office hours, professional development, participation in campus activities and training. It is understood that the professional hours for adjuncts provided herein shall not be counted toward the maximum adjunct teaching hours in section 15.2 of this Agreement. This provision does not apply to full-time instructional staff who teach a course as a multiple position.


In the event of a staffing emergency or staffing exigency, a waiver for an adjunct workload overload assignment maybe requested. Prior to making a request for an overload waiver, all alternative means of coverage must have been exhausted. In the application for a waiver, all relevant information about the need for an overload and the steps taken to provide coverage without an overload must be documented.

All applications are be forwarded to special.counsel@lehman.cuny.edu


Adjunct Overload Waiver Application

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Last modified: May 16, 2016

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