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Lehman College Strategic Planning Working Groups and Members

Steering Committee  

  • Vincent Clark (co-chair), VP of Administration and Finance
  • Ron Bergmann, VP/CIO for Information Technology
  • Andrea Boyar, Associate Professor, DFN, Health Sciences Department
  • Haiping Cheng, Professor, Biological Sciences
  • Dennis DaCosta, Special Counsel and Labor Designee
  • Anne Rothstein , Founding Director and Grants Specialist Lehman College Center for School/College Collaboratives
  • Rene Rotolo, Assistant VP for Campus Planning and Facilities
  • Duane Tananbaum , Associate Professor, History, Chair, Lehman College Faculty Senate

Academic Programs & Services Task Force

  • Richard Finger (co-chair), Special Academic Sessions, Division of Enrollment Management
  • Dene Hurley (co-chair), Associate Professor, Chair of Economics and Business
  • Michael Ferraro, Associate Professor, Art Department
  • Saeedah Hickman, Director, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
  • Daniel Kabat, Professor, Chair of Physics & Astronomy
  • Lourdes Perez, Director of Administrative Operations
  • Deborah Sanders, Lecturer, Economics and Business
  • Kenneth Schlesinger, Chief Librarian & Professor
  • Daniel Stuckart, Associate Professor, Middle and High School Education
  • Donald Sutherland , Institutional Effectiveness Coordinator, Assessment and Planning
  • Elin Waring, Professor, Chair of Sociology
  • Marcia Wolfe, Executive Director, Institute for Literacy Studies
  • Vincet Zucchetto, Executive Assistant to VP of Student Affairs

Administrative Programs & Services Task Force

  • Raymond Galinski (co-chair), Assessment Coordinator, Assessment & Planning
  • Liesl Jones (co-chair), Professor and Chair of Biological Sciences
  • Deirdre Constant, Academic Adviser, Economics and Business
  • Stephen Cavallo, Associate Professor, Chair of Speech. Language, Hearing Science
  • Amod Choudhary, Assistant Professor, Economics and Business
  • Nancy Cintron , Director, Career Services
  • Althea Forde, Director, Instructional Support Services Program
  • Gina Harwood , AVP for Financial Operations
  • Annette Hernandez , Director, SEEk Program
  • John Holloway, Associate Dean of Student Affairs
  • Patricio Lerzundie, Chair of Journalism, Communications and Theatre
  • Joe Medved, Director of Application Development, IT Division
  • Gaoyin Qian , Associate Dean of School of Education
    Professor, Graduate Program in Literacy Studies

Communication Team

  • Joe Tirella, Interim Director of Media Relations and Publications
  • Dawn Ewing-Morgan, Chief Of Staff, Director of Compliance and Diversity
  • David Stevens, Manager of Web Services

Data Support Team

  • Bethania Ortega (co-chair), Director of Budget Office
  • Yvette Rosario (co-chair), Senior Registrar
  • Yajaira Alvarez, Senior Analyst, Office of Institutional Research, Planning & Assessment
  • Nicholas Cassella, Facilities Coordinator, Campus Planning and Facilities
  • Aarti Deshmukh, Senior Applications Systems Developer, ITR
  • Melissa Kirk, Chief of Staff to the Provost
  • Lei Millman, Oracle DBA, OBIEE Administrator, ITR
  • Susanne Tumelty, Director of Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment
  • Eric Washington, Director of Human Resources