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Update December 12th, 2017


  • Strategic and Operational Priority: Setting the foundation and building capacity
  • Strategic and Operational Priority: Unleashing Innovation and resourcing the work
  • Strategic and Operational Priority: Celebrating success and promoting the work

Update July 7th, 2017

Marcie Wolfe, former director of the Institute of Literacy Studies, kindly agreed to work with Interim Provost Fayne to do a “deep dive” into prioritization documents. The aim was to provide information to advance President Cruz’s goal of strengthening Lehman’s “institutional effectiveness through the actualization and operationalization of the most promising recommendations and strategies” documented in Program Prioritization, in order to advance Lehman’s future as a model of “transformative, equity-based higher education.”

Her final report is organized into five sections: four theme-based information pages and a final page that collects some of the resource challenges (from Prioritization reports) to be addressed if Lehman is to fulfill its potential as a break-the-mold institution. The themes are:

  • Lehman as an anchor institution: a college that is, at its core, civics-minded and place-based.
  • Lehman as an engine of opportunity and social change: a lab site/model for transformative, equity-based higher education.
  • Lehman as an incubator of innovative teaching and learning practices: a college where teaching and learning are digital, analytical, experiential, justice-oriented, and culturally responsive.
  • Lehman as a catalyst for engaged scholarship and creative works: a “knowledge asset and resource” (AASCU 2002) both locally and globally.

There is a fair amount of overlap from one theme to another in the descriptions of programs and strategies. As Marcie noted, “Perhaps redundancy helps us to surface innovative strategies and urgent needs.”

Update November 14th, 2016

Lehman College has conducted an evaluation process to examine all academic and administrative programs and services, focusing on their efficiency, effectiveness, and centrality to the College’s mission, within the framework of shared governance. The prioritization process supported the implementation of our Strategic Plan: Achieving the Vision. The goals included:

  • Determine the strategic allocation of existing resources.
  • Identify opportunities for generating new resources, based on how our programs and services contribute to student success and to Lehman’s identity.

Economic projections suggest that state government support for higher education is not likely to increase significantly in the foreseeable future. Consequently, a significant portion of the resources needed for new programs and to strengthen and/or expand existing programs will have to come from a reallocation of existing resources. The exploration of new strategies to move Lehman College beyond a sustainable academic and financial model into one that is stronger and innovative is essential to the College’s future. This website is designed to provide the campus community with information on the program prioritization as we conclude the yearlong process.