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Introduction to Leadership Certificate Program

This program is structured to help students become change agents by identifying their strengths and leadership identity with their academic major and career goals. Students are introduced to three main leadership models and connected to resources and key staff members on campus.

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Lehman alumni at the 2015 Student Life Reunion

The program consists of seven two-hour classes per semester. Classes are offered in three different sections on different days which allow students to choose a time that fits their schedule. Students will receive a certificate of completion at the end the program.

Topics include:

  • Understanding Leadership
  • The Relational Leadership Model/Model the Way
  • Inspire a Shared Vision
  • Challenge the Process
  • Enable Others to Act
  • Encourage the Heart
  • Leadership is Everyone's Business/The Social Change Model


Student leaders smiling for the camera


Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership 2015

In the Fall of 2015, four CUNY institutions, including Lehman College, participated in the Multi Institutional Study of Leadership, an instrument developed by Dr. Susan Komives, Dr. John P. Dugan et al. Nearly 600 Lehman students completed the study. The overall scores for the Lehman cohort on the General Outcomes of the Study indicated that the Lehman students scored significantly higher in all eight scales within the CUNY Coalition and scored significantly higher in five of the eight scales in the MSL National Sample, Carnegie Peers, Master’s Size (10,000-19,000) and Public Institutions.

See the full MSL 2015 report here [PDF].


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