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Academic Programs and Resources

Lehman College offers a wide array of diverse academic programs, interdisciplinary learning opportunities, and hands-on education in undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree arenas. To support this academic and cultural environment, the College provides access to broad-based services, information, and resources.



Campus Services

Our goal is to provide services that support the College’s learning opportunities, as well as our cultural and social programs and projects. We seek to address the interests and needs of our multifaceted and diverse population.



Employment Opportunities

Lehman College offers a variety of on-campus student employment opportunities in excellent work environments. The college also provides career-related assistance to all students. Online services and career counselors are available to assist in the student career development process, including applying for internships.



Health and Safety

We offer many safety and health care resources for our diverse population. Our staff members are highly trained professionals who are always on duty to respond to routine and emergency situations. They are paramount in helping Lehman College provide the best possible living and learning environments.



Maps, Directions and Transportation

Get here and explore our beautiful campus. Click on our transportation links for the quickest and best routes to Lehman. Then view our campus maps for details on locating our buildings and multiple resources and activity centers.

Last modified: Jun 4, 2014

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