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Title V Supplemental Instruction & Technology

The Title V Supplemental Instruction and Technology program at Lehman College was designed to improve the transition of students to the junior year by improving success of students (both incoming and transfers) in gateway courses. Although the purpose of the grant was to serve the needs of all students in specific gateway courses, it was particularly focused on improving the academic achievement and graduation rates of the low-income and Hispanic population. Broadly, the Title V Supplemental Instruction and Technology program worked to raise academic quality, improve student success, and enhance financial and management effectiveness. More specifically, the project had four goals addressing the most pressing student needs:

  • Increase student success in Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics gateway courses.
  • Provide faculty development in best practices for teaching gateway courses.
  • Improve advising protocols for pre-professional majors in grant-identified disciplines.
  • Raise $575,000 in matching endowment funds.


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Last modified: Nov 7, 2011

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