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Jhon Chiciu:

Major: Psychology

Year: Junior

Interests: Science, Culture, Chess (Lehman Knights)



Hello everyone! I'm a student of psychology and a Transfer Coach at Lehman College. I'm passionate about science and learning about new cultures. Most importantly, it brings me pleasure to help and work with other people, especially if I can somehow make the slightest difference. My experience at Lehman has helped me find myself as a student; as a Transfer Coach my goal is to make your Lehman experience a smooth & memorable transition.



Patricia Cadet:

Major: Dietetics, Food & Nutrition

Year: Senior

Interests: Tennis



Hello everyone! My name is Patricia Cadet. I love learning about holistic methods which can improve one's overall health. I am an active member of the Lehman College tennis team, the truth club, Lehman's edible garden club and Genesis (Lehman's Gospel Choir). Lehman has a lot to offer, but it will make no difference is one does not explore and apply their skills.


Rebecca Hatch:

Major: Nursing

Year: Junior

Interests: Music




Hi all! I'm Rebecca, and I look forward to working with you, my fellow transfer students. As a transfer student myself, I want to ensure that your experience at Lehman is both fun, and memorable. Good luck at Lehman!


Syeda Hussain:

Major: Social Work

Year: Graduated May 2013

Interest: Watching movies, spending time with families & friends, bowling & ice skating



Hello transfer students, and welcome to Lehman College!! My name is Syeda Hussain. I am a graduate class of 2013 from Lehman, with a bachelor on social work. I enjoy socializing with people, learning new things and I am bilingual (English & Bengali) as well. I love sharing my ideas and knowledge with others. I am excited to be part of Transfer Coaching Program. I am looking forward to working with transfer students.


Diego Martinez:

Major: Exercise Science

Year: Junior

Interest:Fitness and Sports (Soccer in particular)


Hello everyone!. My name is Diego, U.S. NAVY Veteran and Certified Personal Trainer. I like motivating people and promoting healthy lifestyles. It is great to be part of the Transfer Coach Team; we are former and current Lehman students, eager to help you find your way around school. I really enjoy helping out, so please don't hesitate to stop me when you see me around. Good luck!

Davis Montero:

Major: Computer Information System

Year: Senior

Interests: Japan, Technology, Video Games


Hello everyone! I am a transfer coach, and a senior studying Computer Information Systems at Lehman college. I love technology, and I am here to help you succeed with your futures. I'm really looking forward to making your experience here as great as possible. I wish you the best!



Lester Noble:

Major: Accounting

Year: Senior

Interest: Business, Sports, Music


Hello everyone! My name is Lester Noble and I am a transfer student just like you. As a Transfer Student I am here to help with your transition to Lehman College. Welcome to Lehman and good luck!


Anna Rondon:

Major: Social Equity and Urban Development

Year: Graduated May 2012

Interest: Advocacy, Music, and Dancing


Hello Transfer Students! My name is Anna and I am a Transfer Coach liaison for the SEEK Program transfer students. I am very excited to be working in conjunction with the Transfer Coaching Program because it allows me to be a bridge between the SEEK and Transfer Coaching Program in engaging SEEK transfer students to campus activities and the Lehman College Community.





Claribel Tejeda:

Major: Film

Year: Senior


















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