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ENLACE Named as Example of 'Excelencia'

     Excelencia in Education, a national education policy think tank, has recently recognized the Bronx Institute’s ENLACE program as an “example of what works for Latino students.” According to the report, “Latino College Completion in New York,” ENLACE is one of two programs studied in New York State that are “showing success in enrolling, retaining, and graduating Latino students…with evidence of effectiveness in serving Latino students.” ENLACE was also nominated in 2007 as an Example of Excelencia.

“ENLACE, which serves 146 students—the largest number in its history—from over two dozen schools in The Bronx, continues to meet and exceed our expectations, as well as those of the students, funders, partners, and College,” said Professor Herminio Martinez, executive director of the Bronx Institute at Lehman College and a faculty member in the Department of Middle and High School Education. “We are delighted and grateful to be recognized for our accomplishments and hope that they inspire others to use our model in their community.”

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