Frequently Asked Questions

So is there any place on the Lehman College campus where I can smoke?

Can I smoke in the parking lot?
Smoking in the parking lot is not permitted, as it is technically part of the campus.

What about the High School of American Studies?
No, the high school is part of the Lehman campus.

So where can I smoke?

Will ashtrays be provided?
No, so please be considerate.

Can I smoke on campus when no one else is around?

What about other, um, non-tobacco cigarettes?
No dice.

What about chewing tobacco?
That’s a no-go, too.

I am trying to quit smoking, and I use an e-cigarette. Is that okay to smoke on campus?
No, e-cigarettes are not permitted.

I am not a student, nor do I work at Lehman College, but I do visit the campus, specifically the Performing Arts Center. Will there be a smoking area during intermissions?
No. Visitors to Lehman’s Performing Arts Center will have to leave the campus to take a smoking break.

My son often has swim meets at the APEX. Can I smoke on the plaza outside the APEX?
No, you must walk off campus.

I work at Lehman, and I want to quit smoking. Are any anti-smoking programs being offered?
Yes, please see Smoking Cessation Resources.

I don’t smoke, and I don’t like second-hand smoke. If I see someone violating the university’s tobacco policy, what should I do?
Politely say something. Remember: there’s no reason to be confrontational.

When does this new tobacco policy go into effect?
At the stroke of midnight on July 1, 2012.