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Financial Benefits of Quitting Use of Tobacco Products

Often overshadowed by the health benefits, the financial/economic benefits of quitting smoking can be significant. Price per pack is highest in New York State, hitting $14.50 in some locations in New York City. Removing this daily expense adds up quickly in savings. One must also consider the more indirect personal financial benefits of quitting smoking that result from lower healthcare costs, increased productivity from fewer lost workdays, better overall health, and fewer premature deaths.

Cigarettes are taxed on federal, state and local (NYC) levels. New York State has the highest taxes on cigarettes in the U.S., reflecting the health-related economic losses that result from tobacco use. Although annual tax revenue from cigarette sales is considerable, savings from decreased annual expenditures/losses directly attributable to tobacco use for healthcare, workplace productivity losses, and premature death would outweigh losses in tax revenue. The average retail price of a pack of cigarettes in New York is $7.89. However, after factoring in these expenditures and losses, the real price of a pack of cigarettes to society and to the state's economy is $36.24 per pack.


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