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13-Credit Minor in Professional Communications

Program Description: 13-Credit Minor in Professional Communications

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Professional Communications provides students with the opportunity to develop high-level skills in multimedia communications. These professional communications skills are increasingly and urgently required by businesses, public sector and non-governmental organizations, and in the fields of healthcare and science. A range of relevant courses enables students to hone their skills in professional writing, using both traditional formats and new media platforms, and to prepare and deliver in-person and web-based presentations. The 13-credit Minor is designed for students majoring in various departments within the Schools of Arts and Humanities, Social and Natural Sciences, and Nursing and Health Sciences. These majors include but are not limited to English, Multimedia Journalism, Computer Graphics and Imaging, Business Administration, Health Services Education and Promotion, Health Services Administration, and Nursing. Students from any department seeking to burnish their professional writing and presentation skills for the twenty-first-century marketplace will find the Minor in Professional Communications an invaluable complement to their chosen major.

Degree Requirements

Undergraduate students may declare the Minor in Professional Communications upon successful completion of ENG 111 and ENG 121. Students satisfy the requirements for the 13-credit Professional Communications Minor by taking four courses, three of which are at the 300-level.

13-Credit Minor in Professional Communications

Writing Skills Core (4 credits):

ENW 201: Advanced Expository Writing (4)

Professional Writing Elective (3 credits):

ENW 300: Business Writing (3)

ENW 304: Non-Profit Grant Writing I (3)

ENW 3070: Health and Science Writing (3)

ENW 333: Marketing and Public Relations Writing (3)

ENW 335: Technical Writing (3)

Multimedia Communication Courses (6 credits):

ENW 3100: Writing for New Media (3)

ENW 3200: Professional Communications and Presentations Seminar (3)

Last modified: 7/30/2015