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2013 CUNY General Education Program (Pathways): Required Courses

Lehman College provides undergraduates with not only a major specialization but also training in a range of basic skills and general subjects on beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. In this way, a bachelor's degree represents both training in a special field and the skills and knowledge to meet life's varied challenges responsibly, intelligently, and creatively.

Beginning in fall 2013, CUNY instituted a common General Education structure (called "Pathways") whose purpose is to improve the ability of students to transfer within the university. Lehman's 2013 CUNY General Education Program (Pathways) conforms to the new CUNY structure. The college's General Education categories remain the same, but the individual course requirements in some cases have changed. Lehman's categories represent the following parts of the CUNY Pathways structure:

  • Foundation = CUNY Required Core (plus the College Option in Foreign Language)
  • Distribution = CUNY Flexible Core
  • Integration = CUNY College Option

Lehman's courses in the 2013 CUNY General Education Curriculum include subjects comprising the shared intellectual heritage of our diverse culture. They teach critical thinking and encourage accurate and effective communication. General Education supports the integration, synthesis, and application of knowledge, and includes proficiency in information literacy. Undergraduate education offers not only specialized knowledge and professional skills but also the multiple views and general intellectual abilities developed by the study of liberal arts and sciences that provide a foundation for independent, responsible living.

Students who enter Lehman College in the fall 2013 semester or later must meet the 2013 CUNY General Education Requirements. There are four categories of required courses: Foundation ("Required Core" plus "College Option,") Distribution ("Flexible Core"), Integration ("College Option"), and Writing Intensive. For a list of the 2013 CUNY General Education courses in each category, select the links in the navigation side panel.

(NOTE: The Foreign Language and Integration Requirements are waived for students in the Lehman Scholars Program and the Macaulay Honors College, which have their own requirements in these areas.)

Last modified: 7/30/2015