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Certificate Program in Geographic Information Science (GISc)

Geographic Information Science (GISc) is a fast-growing computer technology field involving mapping and analysis of spatial data. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) enable us to assess and manage existing conditions, and also help predict future conditions, ranging from monitoring disease occurrences to endangered species preservation, managing water supplies, tracking real estate values, and crime solving.

GIS is used today in fields as diverse as law enforcement, marketing, economic development, public health administration, environmental analysis, ecology, urban planning, real estate, government, education, geology, anthropology, and archaeology. GISc is an expanding field with good career opportunities, and GIS professionals are in high demand in many fields. People with GIS skills can also be more marketable as managers and analysts in their own fields. A certificate in GISc can be advantageous by itself or in augmenting a bachelor's or associate's degree.

The certificate in GISc consists of a sequence of four courses, equaling 14 credits, plus one 3-credit Geography elective course, for a total of 17 credits:

GEP 204: Basic Mapping: Applications and Analysis (3 credits);

GEP 205: Principles of Geographic Information Science (GISc) (3 credits);

GEP 350: Special Topics in GISc (4 credits);

GEH 490: Honors in Geography (4 credits); and

A Geography elective (3 credits).

Geography Elective (3 credits), to be selected from among:

GEH 101 / GEH 501: Introduction to Geography

GEH 230 / GEH 530: Human Geography

GEP 230 / GEP 530: Urban Environmental Management

GEH 235 / GEH 613: Conservation of the Environment

GEH 240 / GEH 540: Urban Geography or

GEH 266 / GEH 566: Geography of Development.

(Other courses may be substituted for the elective requirement with the Department's permission.)

Last modified: 7/30/2015