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Certification Sequence

Program Requirements for Undergraduate Secondary Teacher Education (Art, English, Mathematics, Science)*

Certification Sequence

Sequences have been designed for students wishing certification in the academic subject areas of English, foreign language, mathematics, science, and social studies, and for students in other subject areas.

To enroll in a special methods course, the student must have completed 60 undergraduate credits (or have earned an associate's degree) and must have declared a major in a certification area.

To enter student teaching, students must have passed the teaching of a subject course with a minimum grade of B and have indices of 3.0 in education and 2.7 in the major.

For an institutional recommendation for State certification, students must have earned a B or above in student teaching and must have completed the College/State-approved sequence for the respective subject area.

Students must complete the appropriate subject area method courses (ESC 410-462).To register for these courses, ESC 301, 302, 429, and 409 must be completed with a combined index of 3.0 or better; an overall index of 2.7 must be maintained; and scores must be submitted on the NYS Assessment of Literacy Skills Test (ALST) Teacher Certification examination. In addition, at least 50 percent of the requirements for the major in the area of certification must be completed.

Students must complete ESC 470 (Student Teaching in the Middle Grades and High School Grades), ESC 463 (Special Needs Students) and ESC 471 (Student Teaching Seminar) and submit their scores on the NYS Educating All Students (EAS) and CST to the Office of Teacher Certification.

* The Foreign Language and Health programs have been discontinued and will not accept future applicants.

Last modified: 11/20/2014