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College Preparatory Initiative

The Board of Trustees in Fall 1993 promulgated new course requirements that students must complete in high school. Requirements apply to all students who graduated from high school in Spring 1993 and thereafter and to all students completing a GED diploma in September 1993 and thereafter. As of Fall 1999, students entering a senior college are expected to have sixteen academic units: four units in English, three units in mathematics, two units in laboratory sciences, four units in social sciences, two units in languages other than English, and one unit in fine arts. All transfer students who graduated from high school in Spring 1993 and thereafter, or received GED diplomas in September 1993 and after, will need to document completion of the CPI (College Preparatory Initiative) academic requirements by submitting an official copy of the high school transcript and/or GED scores.

All students who have not satisfied these requirements prior to admission will be required to complete them before their graduation from Lehman College. Students should consult with an adviser in the Academic Information and Advisement Center (Shuster Hall, Room 280) for information regarding courses approved for fulfilling CPI deficiencies.

Last modified: 7/30/2015