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Cooperative Education

Director: Nancy Cintron (Shuster Hall, Room 254)

Cooperative education is an educational process in which students, employers, and Lehman College cooperate in relating a liberal arts education to the world of work. The program is based upon the concept that preparation for a student's future career is most effective when academic courses are closely integrated with relevant work experiences through internships. Students in the Lehman College Cooperative Education Program benefit from career exploration, work experience, financial earnings, and reassurance that a continued pursuit of a liberal arts program may enhance future employment prospects. For students with clearly defined professional goals, the internship experience may be a series of assignments with increasing responsibility within their chosen career field. For students in the liberal arts, the work experience will provide an opportunity to explore different career options and to discover for themselves that skills associated with a liberal arts education, such as analytical thinking, good spoken and written communication, and effective human relations, have practical value in the world of work.

Last modified: 7/30/2015