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Economics, B.A. (34 Credit Major)

This major provides an understanding of the structures, processes, and trends in the private and public economy and offers academic and technical training in the analysis and handling of economic issues and problems:

Core Course Requirement (22 credits):

12 in economic analysis: ECO 166-167 and 300-301

10 in quantitative methods: ECO 302-402 and either MAT 174 or 175

Elective Courses (12 credits):

Select four courses from the following list:

ECO 305: Consumer Economics

ECO 306: Money & Banking

ECO 311: Public Economics

ECO 322: Economic Development

ECO (LAC) 323: Economic Development in Latin America

ECO 324: International Economics

ECO 326: Labor Economics

ECO 331: Industrial Organization

ECO 338: Law and Economics

ECO 401: Introduction to Mathematical Economics

ECO 431: Managerial Economics

BBA 310: Security and Investment Analysis

Last modified: 7/30/2015