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Department Chair: Marie C. Marianetti (Carman Hall, Room 202B)

Undergraduate Advisors: Marie Marianetti (Carman Hall, Room 202B); Robert Valentine (Carman Hall, Room 299)

Department Faculty: Distinguished Professor: Joseph W. Dauben; Professors: Evelyn B. Ackerman, Timothy Alborn, Jose Luis Rénique; Associate Professors: Martin J. Burke, Dina Le Gall, Marie C. Marianetti, Andrew W. Robertson, Duane Tananbaum; Assistant Professors: Cindy Lobel, Robyn C. Spencer, William Wooldridge, Amanda Wunder; Lecturer: Robert T. Valentine

The Department of History offers a variety of courses that cover the ancient world, European civilization, the United States, and non-Western civilizations. Students are encouraged to interpret and discuss the diversity of human experience, and to think critically about the ways in which historical events affect their own lives. The Department participates in the interdisciplinary programs in African and African American Studies, Classical Culture, Latin American and Puerto Rican Studies, Women's Studies, and American Studies. The faculty members in the Department are committed to excellence in narrative and analytical historical reading and writing. They offer a variety of services to students who wish to improve their reading or writing skills, or who wish to pursue a historical problem in more depth than class time permits. Students may also study with members of the faculty on independent reading or research projects.

Career Opportunities: History majors frequently enter careers in areas such as education, law, politics, business, library work, and government. History students who wish to discuss career opportunities or advanced studies in graduate school should consult with the Department Chair.

Last modified: 7/30/2015