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Internship and Field Experience Opportunities

Lehman College recognizes the importance of work experience as a significant element of a liberal arts education. Many departments and programs in the College offer such learning experiences, usually off campus. Internships are generally carried out in conjunction with classroom learning, often involving a seminar about the fieldwork. These internships may earn college credit and provide the student with "hands-on" experience, frequently the first step toward successful entry into a career. For specific information on areas of interest, students should apply to individual departments. For general information and a list of all Lehman internships, consult the Office of Career Services, 718-960-8366 (Shuster Hall, Room 254). For general information regarding internships, student teaching, and field experience requirements in teacher education, contact the Professional Development Network Coordinator, 718-960-8004 (Carman Hall, B-33).

Last modified: 7/30/2015