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Linguistics (Interdisciplinary)

Director: Beatriz Lado (Carman Hall, Room 257)

Advisory Board: Richard Blot, Journalism, Communication, and Theatre; Bertrade Banoum-Ngo-Ngijol, African and African American Studies; Deena Bernstein, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences; Rosalind Carey, Philosophy; Cecelia Cutler, Middle and High School Education; Thomas Ihde, Languages and Literatures; Sandra Levey, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences; John Locke, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences; Janis Massa, English; Francisco Montaño, Languages and Literatures; Joye Smith Munson, Middle and High School Education; Zelda Newman, Languages and Literatures

Participating Departments: Anthropology, English, Languages and Literatures, Mathematics and Computer Science, Philosophy, Sociology, and Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

The interdisciplinary Program in Linguistics offers courses to prepare students for (1) graduate study in theoretical and applied linguistics and (2) careers in the teaching of linguistics, and applied linguistics, including the teaching of English as a second language.

Last modified: 7/30/2015